Mystery-like fashion this year there will be what the trend of popular footwear?

Chouchou fashion is nothing new, but why can it survive?
Why "ugly" effective?
With so many pages now pulling endlessly, consumers are addicted to exploring new things. So when a product makes people feel ugly, it may give a fresh visual and attract the attention of consumers.
This trend has been seen in recent years, especially in sportswear categories.
Why is it that ugly pops in the world of fashion? Because these products subvert and ridicule fashion and taste, often their textures and colors give a visual shock or a challenge to tradition.
Such stylish products are fully in line with the redefinitions and challenges of the concept of gender, race and sexuality among millennials and Genzers.
This means that in the future there will be more such products on the market and higher demand. So in 2018 and in the future, the footwear market will be what the hot trend?
Space sneakers
First of all, a big trend in the footwear industry in 2018 is oversized sports shoes. It seems to have originated in the 90s father shoes and "Star Trek."
Velcro and elastics, a mix of materials for production, messy decoration, and hit-and-hit are key trends in this sneaker from the Triples shoes from Balenciaga and further esteemed by Yeezy's Desert Rat 500, which will be extremely uncomfortable in 2018 sell like hot cakes.
British retailer River Island, one of the popular mass-market retailers, also launched a thick, multicolored sneaker as shown below:


New trend of the most fundamentalism
Another trend in the footwear market is the mashup style. Luxury retailers continue to mix and match elements in the footwear design. Alexander Wang Boots Sole with canvas shoes factory S squint I wish  maid  banquet 跎 wash pot 恢   busy men ЧUCCI redesigned a slip with a belt, plush lining slippers.
Even if you do not sell shoes, pay attention to these trends as it may be used in small pieces of leather, jewelry, and even household items.



When are these footwear trends popular?
How quickly is a new footwear trend to take shape? Let's take a look at when the hottest trends in footwear for the fall of 2017 are beginning to catch on.
For example, red boots and velvet shoes were seen selling well in Q4 2017. Velvet shoes in the fall of 2016 is very popular, and red boots is a new trend, the following data diagram shows:
The interesting part is when the product is popular. From May onwards, the trend of velvet shoes is slowly rising, and red boots are popular since April. And these popular footwear trends take about 6 months to get universal, slower than fashion clothing. But that's good news for shoe retailers who want to keep up with the changing market.
Fast fashion cheaper and more expensive luxury fashion items
Over the past three years, the price of footwear has changed. In the mass market, consumers like ASOS, H & M and Zara pay more and more attention to shoe styles under $ 40.
Meanwhile, the price of luxury fashion items is up and retailers such as Barneys, Farfetch and Net-a-Porter offer shoes priced from $ 600 to $ 1,200.
These changes further prove that shoe retailers need to follow its trend of reducing prices in the highly competitive mass market or raising prices in the ever-changing luxury market.