Xian Xia down the market regulation, "the right remedy" boost shoe to improve product quality

In the "2017 annual product (lightweight rubber boots) quality supervision and spot checks," cents down the street rubber boots neck Huai 个 82 batches, of which 35 batches failed. In view of the high non-conforming rate, the joint supervision department of Xianghui, the market regulator, took a series of measures actively to provide administrative guidance to the "right remedy" for the unqualified sampling companies and to improve the quality of the shoes.
Learning to know the root causes
January 25, the organization within the jurisdiction of the 2017 annual product quality sampling failed 20 rubber shoes business managers, visit the city of Quality and Technical Supervision and Inspection Institute. A pedestrian in-depth laboratory, site visits to learn the inspection process and content of lightweight rubber shoes, and shoe and insole friction color fastness, tensile elongation, tensile strength, binding and shoe upper adhesive strength, floor thickness, etc. Qualified project site inspection to observe.
Site, a number of shoe managers have said the visit benefited.
Organization Forum talk about rectification
On the same day, the institute also organized a business forum to invite municipal quality inspection institute professionals to conduct an in-depth analysis of the reasons for the nonconformances of various projects and to discuss with the participating enterprise managers how to rectify and reform them.
The managers of various enterprises also raised questions according to their own unqualified projects, and the municipal quality inspection institutes professionals answered all of them one by one.
Track enforcement and promotion
Recently, the Institute also conducted a follow-up inspection of the unqualified companies in 2017, severely punished those companies that failed the inspection again, and increased the illegal costs of the enterprises, prompting them to improve product quality in the process of producing products.
Relevant person in charge of fair supervision of market supervision said that the institute will try its best to reverse the declining trend of passing rate of product quality sampling in the area and will pass a series of related actions to effectively improve the passing rate of product quality sampling and surrender Satisfied with the quality of shoes "report card."