Wenling Hengfeng: heavy remediation "low scattered risk" shoe

Recently, Hengfeng Street, Wenling City, administrative law enforcement organizations, safety supervision, market supervision and other departments to carry out joint law enforcement actions on the area of ​​Huichuan, Shi Shitou village "low casual" shoe enterprises (workshops) for special rectification.
During the operation, the inspectors focused on the investigation and remediation of shoe-making enterprises without license, production of counterfeit and shoddy products, non-standard production safety, non-standard fire safety and dangerous premises in production sites Production and business activities.
In the shoe factory in Shajiawan, Huichuan Wangcun 46, inspectors found a number of children's shoes there is the phenomenon of counterfeit Nike shoes, seized it on the spot and take the power shut down the company measures, ordered immediate rectification. In the stone prickly four areas, inspection found that some enterprises exist illegal housing structures iron shed phenomenon, inspectors immediately stop it and demolition, confiscation of a cutting machine.
It is understood that the day a total of 97 footwear enterprises (shops) were investigated, shut down without a license 21, seized more than 400 pairs of counterfeit and shoddy shoes, and more than 30 enterprises unlawful shed shed, effectively boosting the Hengfeng Street shoe improvement work.